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Welcome to The Greens Homeowners Association website.  This site is open to all Homeowners and Residents in The Greens. Click for Registration Information.
Our neighborhood is very visible to the public. The Greens is an entry/exit point to the 80-mile OKC Trails system and has access to the North OKC Soccer Complex, Martin Park Nature Center, restaurants, shopping, Mercy Hospital, Oklahoma Heart Hospital, Center for Women's Health, and The Greens Country Club. Our entrances and perimeter create our “brand”. For potential home buyers and visitors to the neighborhood, the entrance is the first impression of our community. The HOA does not own any property however, we maintain more than 4 acres around the perimeter, entrances, medians, islands, and a city park located within the square mile that make up The Greens. Your membership matters!
After 50 years, time, ice storms, and droughts have taken a toll on the landscaping, sprinklers, and lighting at all 9 entrances. The Greens Country Club is landscaping 6 of the entrances this year. Our HOA needs your membership to landscape the other 3 entrances and replace lighting and sprinklers at all 9. It cannot be done in one year, but your membership will help us reach our goal.
By the numbers:
350 – Memberships needed to meet the minimum obligations of the HOA
100 – Additional memberships needed to renovate one entrance
40 – Additional memberships needed to purchase one solar powered LED speed radar sign
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New County Jail (Portland & Memorial 1 of 10 possible locations)
8. 51 acres of land located on the southwest corner of Portland Avenue and Memorial Road and offered for sale by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.  Article Link
Upcoming Events
Neighborhood Garage Sale
Saturday, June 3rd, 8:00am - 5:00pm at The Greens
Send your address for participation to: wraith10@cox.net. Those who send addresses will be posted online and also sent a list to print for shoppers to take a picture of so they know where the sales are located. (subject line Green's sale)
It is time for our Annual Neighborhood Garage Sale. All you need to do is sign up for your permit online and put out some directional signs to your house. The HOA will take care of the rest! We have signs for all the entrances (please do not take these for personal use). We will also do all the advertising on NextDoor, Facebook, and such. However, when you register for a permit, shoppers download the list of addresses for the days permitted. The Greens only host the Saturday but you can have your sale as early as Thursday and run through Sunday if you desire. If you just have a car, boat, furniture, or large items for sale, just put them out in your driveway with a big sign. There will be lots of traffic on that day, so you might sell some larger items without needing a full-on garage sale. Team up with a neighbor to use their driveway together to make it a fun and bonding experience. I have lived in the neighborhood for over 25 years and the Garage Sale day is the day of the year I meet and see most of my neighbors!!!! We have an organization wanting to pick up donations on the Monday after the sale, so if you are wanting someone to do that, let me know when you send your address and I will send you their contact information.
Happy Selling!
. Kacy Harsha
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