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This site is open to all Homeowners and Residents of The Greens. 
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By the numbers:
350 Memberships are needed to meet the minimum obligations of the Association
100 Additional memberships are needed to renovate one entrance
40 Additional memberships needed to purchase one solar powered LED speed radar sign
12 Additional memberships needed to split the cost of one speed sign with the city
Thank you to those who have paid their 2024 annual dues! Below is a map of 2024 Neighborhood Association Members. 
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Annual Neighborhood Garage Sale
The Greens will host the annual Neighborhood Garage Sale on Saturday, April 20, 2024. While the official day is on Saturday, you are welcome to open your sale on Thursday, Friday, and/or Sunday. The neighborhood signs will go up the Sunday prior to the event and individuals are encouraged to post directional signs. Do not take the neighborhood signs as we reuse those as we can.
This is a good opportunity to set out even one or two larger items to sell as car traffic is increased. 
Join with a neighbor to have a double sale! Fellowship and fun are all part of the event. Get out and meet some of your neighbors as well.
Please register here to be placed on the list of sales.
The individual homes must apply for and pay for a permit. You can find the form at OKC.gov. The sale will be advertised on Facebook, Instagram, and the NextDoor app. It is important to know who is participating so we can say "23 sales" or whatever we have. Last year we had a LOT of sales and a LOT of foot traffic.
Association Newsletters
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