The Greens HOA
Our mission is the improvement and beautification of the neighborhood. Though the HOA does not own any property, we do maintain the perimeter, entrances, medians, and islands located within The Greens. Without the HOA, these areas would fall to the care of adjacent residents and the city. We are a volunteer organization, meaning that membership is a choice rather than an obligation. Our members understand that the appearance of our neighborhood reflects our commitment to maintaining home values and providing a place we are all proud to call home.   
• Size
The Greens has 827 homes within our square mile.
• Voluntary Membership
Voluntary membership means there are no mandatory dues. Each year we ask that you choose to join by paying annual dues. We rely on volunteers to serve as board members and serve on various committees as needed. Because we are not a mandatory HOA and have no restrictive covenants, we rely on city code enforcement and the goodwill of fellow residents for the resolution of property issues.
• Difference between HOA and Country Club
The HOA is a group of neighborhood residents who pay dues to support the HOA in beautification efforts. The Greens Country Club is a private club. Membership in one is not related to membership in the other. Neighborhood residency is not a requirement for club membership. We have an excellent relationship with the club as we support each other in our common goal of maintaining our separate properties to keep them looking their best. Many homeowners choose to join the HOA and also choose to join the club.
• How to Join/get involved
You can join by paying the annual dues for your property in The Greens. You can pay by check by clicking here. If you would prefer to with PayPal, click here. Members can get involved in different ways. We have volunteer committees for welcoming new neighbors, putting out flags for patriotic holidays, and helping as needed with various projects. Every member can help by encouraging neighbors who may not yet be members to join. Members can also help us to improve the neighborhood by sharing any ideas or concerns and by reporting anything in need of HOA attention such as dead trees or sprinkler issues.